Agent Orange (cocktail)

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Agent Orange
Type Cocktail
Primary alcohol by volume
Served On the rocks; poured over ice
Standard garnish


Standard drinkware
Old Fashioned Glass.svg
Old Fashioned glass
Commonly used ingredients
Preparation Mix in an old fashioned glass with ice and serve.

An Agent Orange is a highball drink made with carrot juice, vodka, and rum. Consisting of only two ingredients, Agent Orange was first recorded as a drink at the 2007 San Mateo County Fair's cocktail competition held in San Mateo, California. It won "Best New Cocktail of Fair" award. Since 2007 it has become somewhat of a local favorite being offered in many hotels throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.[1] Because it generally uses organic carrot juice and Svedka Vodka as its prime components, it is usually only available in hotels serving organic juices.

This drink is also known as a Bugs Bunny, after the famous Warner Brothers cartoon character of the same name.

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