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Agerø is located in Denmark
Agerø's location in the Limfjord

Agerø is a small Danish island in Limfjorden located in the waters between the larger island of Mors, to which it is connected by a dam and a bridge, and the Thyholm Peninsula. With an area of 3.8 km2, it has a population of 38 as of 1 January 2010.[1] Most of the island is cultivated but in the north there is a 25 hectare nature reserve of coastal meadows which are an important rest stop for migratory birds.[2]

Agerø Church, one of the smallest churches in Denmark with only 60 seats, was consecrated in 1908. It was constructed when a coffin on the way to the cemetery at Hvidbjerg on Mors was dropped into the water and drifted ashore.[3]

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Coordinates: 56°43′N 8°34′E / 56.717°N 8.567°E / 56.717; 8.567