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The Ager (right, coming from the west) flowing into the Traun (middle, coming from the south).

The Ager is a river in Upper Austria; it is the discharge of Lake Attersee by Kammer Schörfling and Seewalchen, and by Lambach it flows into the Traun.

The Ager emerged towards the end of the Würm glaciation, when the mighty glaciers began to melt.

Influx into the Ager:

Over the Attersee the Ager also receives water from the Mondsee, the Zeller See (Irrsee), and the Fuschlsee, that are all connected by relatively short streams.

In the postwar period, the Ager was strongly polluted by various nearby factories. Today this is less the case because several sewage treatment plants have been created.

Coordinates: 48°05′16″N 13°51′32″E / 48.08778°N 13.85889°E / 48.08778; 13.85889

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