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Aggelika Korovessi (Greek: Αγγέλικα Κοροβέση) is a Greek conceptual sculptor known for her work based on sound waves of spoken words. She lives and works in Athens, Greece.


Korovessi studied from 1970-1975 at the Athens School of Fine Arts under various teacher sculptors including Dimitri Kalamara. From 1985 she became specifically interested in the sound analysis of words, leading to her research at the Centre of Electronic Music founded by Iannis Xenakis. Korovessi begun to create works that show the use of technology, music and science, resulting eventually in the 'sound-sculptures' which were later called SonArt.

In 2008, Korovessi was awarded the Silver Olympic Medal Award in the International “Olympic Spirit in Beijing 2008” Sculpture Competition.[1] Her work Peace is in a public space in Beijing City.

From July 5 - September 1, 2013 the artist opened her exhibition at the National Archeological Museum of Athens, Greece titled Retrospective: Time, Form, Concept.


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