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Aggie may refer to:


Aggie may be a diminutive form of the given names Agnatha, Agamemnon, Agata/Agatha, Agnija, or Agnes. It may also be a diminutive form of a family name that begins with 'Ag-'. People named Aggie include:

  • J. C. Agajanian (1913-1984), American motor sports personality
  • Aggie Grey (1897-1988), Samoan hotelier
  • Aggie Herring (1876-1939), American actress
  • Aggie MacKenzie (born 1955), presenter of How Clean is Your House?, a British lifestyle television show
  • Mary Aggie, an early 18th century slave in colonial Virginia whose trial resulted in a change to the law

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Aggie, from Nanny McPhee, a 2005 British children's film
  • Aggie, from Summer of '42, a 1971 American movie that has been adapted into a book and a Broadway musical
  • Aggie, from Itty Bitty Titty Committee, a 2007 comedy drama directed by Jamie Babbit
  • Aunt Aggie, from Angela's Ashes, a 1996 Irish-American book and 1999 film
  • Splendora Agatha 'Aggie' Cromwell, from the Halloweentown series of Disney television movies
  • the title character of the British television programme The Adventures of Aggie (1956-1957)
  • Big Aggie, a Nac Mac Feegle from the Discworld fantasy book series
  • Aggie McDonald, from Johnny Belinda, a 1940 American play that was adapted into a 1948 film and a 1967 film
  • Aggie Mack, a comic strip character created in 1946 by Hal Rasmusson
  • Niagara "Aggie" Threepwood, a character from the Blandings Castle stories of P. G. Wodehouse
  • Aggie Wilcox, from the Ministry is Murder novel series by American author Emilie Richards
  • Aggie James, from the novel Nocturnal by Scott Sigler



Aggie may be a diminutive form of Agricultural, which forms part of the name or historical name of many schools, or their sports teams or newspapers, particularly in the United States.

Other uses[edit]

  • Aggie, nickname for HMS Agamemnon, a battleship in the Royal Navy launched in 1906
  • Aggie, nickname for EAS Agamemnon, a fictional spaceship from Babylon 5, a 1990s US television series
  • Aggie, US name of 1950s British television sitcom The Adventures of Aggie
  • Cyclone Aggie, an Australian cyclone
  • Aggie Awards, the awards presented each year by Adventure Gamers to the most relevant titles in the adventure genre

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