Agia Aikaterini, Patras

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For other uses, see Agia Aikaterini.

Agia Aikaterini (Greek: Αγία Αικατερίνη meaning Saint Catherine) or Gyftika (Greek: Γύφτικα) is a neighbourhood in the eastcentral part of the city of Patras, located 2 km from the downtown core.

The origin of the name comes from the time of Venetian occupation of Patras. At that time, the Venetians forced the Roma to settle in that area.

The main occupation of the inhabitants used to be iron production. Traditionally the community elects its leader (not always a Roma), also known as captain. Until a few decades ago, it was one of the poorest and least safe areas of Patras. Today, it is one of the most quiet neighborhoods next to the city centre and its inhabitants ensure that the original architecture of the neighborhood is preserved.


Coordinates: 39°49′N 19°51′E / 39.817°N 19.850°E / 39.817; 19.850