Agilent ChemStation

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Agilent ChemStation
Operating system Windows
Type Liquid chromatography software
License proprietary
Website ChemStation on Agilent website

Agilent ChemStation is a software package to control Agilent liquid chromatography and gas chromatography systems such as the 1050, 1100 and 1200 Series HPLC system. It is an evolution of the Hewlett-Packard ChemStation System.

Two versions are available: one ("online") in connection with the modules of the HPLC chain is designed to control instruments and run experiments, and the other ("offline"), without a connection with the HPLC chain, is designed to analyze data.

ChemStation is structured around a number of registers. Two of the more important registers are CHROMREG and CHROMRES, the chromatographic data registers.

ChemStation has a command line interpreter and can run macros. Those macros are files grouping a set of commands. These files possess a .mac extension.

ChemStation can import analysis lists and export result files in XML by adding new lines to the ChemStation.ini configuration file. This is a feature to implement the connection with a Laboratory information management system (LIMS).

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