Agim Ramadani

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Agim Ramadani
Permendorja Agim Ramadani.JPG
Monument of Agim Ramadani
Born 3 May 1963
Zhegra, Gjilan, SFRJ
Died 1999
Košare, FRY
Rank Commander
Unit Brigade 138 "Agim Ramadani"
Commands held UCK KLA.pngKosovo Liberation Army
Battles/wars Kosovo war
Battle of Košare
Awards Hero of Kosovo [1]

Agim Ramadani (3 May 1964 – April 1999) was an Albanian leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), best known for his support in the Battle of Košare.


Agim Ramadani[a] was born in the village of Zhegra in the municipality of Gjilan in Kosovo. He was considered one of the best students in his country, and visited the high technical school in Gjilan in 1980, and the Military Academy for communications in the Zagreb, SR Croatia. Poetry and painting were his passions during his high school. His poetry was published in literary magazines, whereas painting exhibitions were organized in Croatia, where he worked as a military, and in Switzerland, where lived as a political immigrant after the beginning of the war. In 1998 Ramadani accepted honorary membership at the European Academy of Arts.[2]

Although he was an immigrant in Switzerland, in 1998 Agim Ramadani responded to the call of his homeland, Kosovo, and joined the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), leaving three children and wife in Switzerland.[3]

He was during the Kosovo War a top strategist and leader. Ramadani was known by the name-conspiratorial Katana. General of Albanian Army, Kudusi Lama has rated Ramadani as the best officer for radiobug. According to Lama, he had knowledge for all the movements of Serbian troops in the territory of Kosare. This allowed his brigade to take sudden attacks, causing big losses for Yugoslavian troops.The Department of Brigade "138" have two special units: The "Cobra" Special Unit that was tasked with observing enemy movements and "Delta" special unit which was involved in most difficulty missions. Ramadani was an amazing strategist, leader, brother, father husband and if he had lived he would have led Kosovo in the role of President for life, such was the regard for him. RRustem Berisha brigade commander, lead the 138 Brigade, until the end of the war and beyond. Like him all members of the brigade probably owe his life and their freedom to Agim Ramadani and the man was lost too soon. But in his death the brigade 138 went on to liberate Koshare and end the war Ramadani's Brigade is held as one,of the most heroic and admired set of people within all of Kosovo

The members of "Delta" always have wear black of uniforms and a round silver unit badge and they were under the command of General Anton Quni. They were trained by Jon Harrison and Sami Gecai working as translator, training officer and body guard. Jon, a British volunteer, who had been a member of the Royal Air Force REGT, he also served for 6 yrs in the Croatian Army, and reached the Rank of Captain. DELTA training very hard to improve the skills of fighting in combat and to survive in all aspects of war . Out of classes of 30 only 7 or 8 would pass training .They were also called "Kryeveti", that means "Do you things in your own", because all members of this special unit force have put trust toward each other and sometimes behaved in experience what war gives them. They entered inside the enemy zone and fighting with them and they were considered far apart of standard KLA soldiers. Harrison and Gecaj, managed to turn young men into highly trained men, who worked as teams, together living in enemy lands, they were the pivot in winning the war, and Battle of Kosharë. Gecaj left Delta with finishing rank of lieutenant, Harrison left with rank of Major.

To promote the rule of law in army the Military Police have been created who were under command of Kujtim Vranovci. Agim Ramadani and his soldiers will apereance in TV in recorded action coded Phoenix 30.09.1998 when he and his soldiers destroyed paramilitary unit of serbs called "Zhalka". Arms and uniforms of members of this unit are presented to supreme commander Rustem Berisha. It was one of the drafters of the plan for breaking border, which also made together with Sali Ceku. He was the first one to take down the boundary stone in Kosare. After breaking border, on the part of Kosovo, called Zog, he was killed by the sniper of Yugoslavian Army. Major Mike Spath a professional sniper born in Germany who during the war in Kosovo 1998-1999 have joined KLA with a motive to stop "Srebrenica 2",in Kosovo describes his commander as the lbest commander in the past of 100 years. "Commander better than Agim had no better in the last 100 years. In 9 conflicts where i participated the structure of brigade of Agim Ramadani despite that were inexperienced or experienced at short war were the best. It was not a big army but they use their heads and hands together",

MIke Spath and Jon Harrison are both recognised as important members of the Brigade, and within Kosovo they are considered Heroes. Which both of them feel embarrassed at that title. But at the mention of Ramadani both of their eyes fill with tears as such of the love they had for their commander. I


Agim is considered as one of the most famous heroes of the new Albanian history.[5] Agim Ramadani have left behind two sons, Jeton and Edon, and his daughter Lorina.[6]


  • A main street in Pristina is named after Agim Ramadani.[7]


a.   ^ Albanian spelling: Agim Ramadani, Serbo-Croat Cyrillic spelling: Агим Рамадани.
b.   ^ Kosovo is the subject of a territorial dispute between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia. The Republic of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence on 17 February 2008, but Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory. The two governments began to normalise relations in 2013, as part of the Brussels Agreement. Kosovo has been recognised as an independent state by 109 out of 193 United Nations member states.