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Agios may refer to:

Greek word[edit]

Agios (Greek: Άγιος; pl. Άγιοι, Agioi) transcribes masculine gender Greek words meaning "Sacred" or "Saint" (cf. Agios Dimitrios, Agioi Anargyroi). It is frequently shortened in colloquial language to Ai (cf. Ai Stratis). In polytonic script it's written Ἅγιος, Hagios (cf. Hagios Demetrios). It's also transliterated as inter alia Haghios, Ayios, Aghios (cf. Ayios Dhometios, Aghios Andreas Beach, respectively) in the singular form and Haghioi, Ayioi, Aghioi, Ayii in the plural (cf. Ayioi Omoloyites, Nicosia, Aghioi Theodoroi, Ayii Trimithias respectively).

Other uses[edit]

  • The plural of Italian-derived "agio"

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