Agios Nikolaos, Cephalonia

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Agios Nikolaos (Greek: Άγιος Νικόλαος) is a village in the municipal unit of Eleios-Pronnoi on the island Cephalonia, Greece. Its population is 181 people (2001 census). It is situated in an inland valley, at 280 m elevation. It is 3 km southeast of Digaleto, 4 km north of Xenopoulo, 6 km northwest of Poros and 20 km east of Argostoli. The road from Poros to Sami passes through the village. Agios Nikolaos suffered great damage from the 1953 Ionian earthquake. The village has an elementary school and a church named Saint Nicholas.


Year Population
1991 171
2001 181

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Coordinates: 38°10′N 20°43′E / 38.167°N 20.717°E / 38.167; 20.717