Agios Pharmaceuticals

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Agios Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Industry Pharmaceuticals
Founded 2008 (2008)
Headquarters Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Key people
David Schenkein (CEO)
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Agios Pharmaceuticals is a public American pharmaceutical company focused on developing small-molecule anti-cancer therapeutics targeting cancer cell metabolism via the growth factor pathway.[1][2] Among the proteins under investigation by the company are IDH1 and IDH2.[3] The company was founded in 2008 (or 2007)[3] by Lewis Cantley, Tak Mak and Craig Thompson. Agios is a Delaware corporation headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.[1][4] The company tendered an initial public offering in July 2013.[5]:Table 1

In 2012, Agios was named among the defendants in a lawsuit against one of its founders, Craig Thompson, alleging that Thompson used research illegally taken from the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute in research at Agios.[3]

In May 2016, the company announced it would launch partnership with Celgene, developing metabolic immuno-oncology therapies. The deal could net more than $1 billion for Agios.[6]

In April 2017, the company raised $250 million in a new stock offering in anticipation of FDA approval for its first cancer drug.[7]

Corporate governance[edit]

As of April 2017, Agios' CEO was David Schenkein.[7]

Agios was established as a private company and converted to a public company with its initial public offering in July 2013 and subsequent listing on NASDAQ.[3][5]


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