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Act, the Constructive Right

Agir, la droite constructive
FounderFranck Riester
Founded26 November 2017
Split fromThe Republicans
IdeologyChristian democracy
Conservative liberalism
Political positionCentre[1] to centre-right[2][3]
European Parliament groupRenew Europe
Colors  Blue
National Assembly
10 / 577
5 / 348
European Parliament
1 / 74

Agir (French for Act), officially named Agir, la droite constructive (Act, the Constructive Right), is a political party in France, established on 26 November 2017.[4] The majority of its founding members were previously associated with the Constructive faction within the centre-right The Republicans party. Styling itself as a "liberal, social, European, humanist and reformist"[5] party, Agir was founded by a group of 19 established politicians as an alternative to The Republicans. Agir members of parliament are members of the Agir ensemble parliamentary group in the National Assembly.




Prominent members[edit]

Party leaders[edit]


Name Former party Constituency
Olivier Becht DVD Haut-Rhin's 5th constituency
Pierre-Yves Bournazel LR Paris's 18th constituency
Paul Christophe LR Nord's 14th constituency
Agnès Firmin-Le Bodo LR Seine-Maritime's 7th constituency
Antoine Herth LR Bas-Rhin's 5th constituency
Dimitri Houbron LREM Nord's 17th constituency
Laure de La Raudière LR Eure-et-Loir's 3rd constituency
Vincent Ledoux LR Nord's 10th constituency
Patricia Lemoine LR Seine-et-Marne's 5th constituency
Lise Magnier LR Marne's 4th constituency


Name Former party Constituency
Emmanuel Capus DVD Maine-et-Loire
Ludovic Haye DVD Haut-Rhin
Claude Malhuret LR Allier
Pierre Médevielle DVD Haute-Garonne
Colette Mélot LR Seine-et-Marne

Election results[edit]

European Parliament[edit]

Election year Votes % Seats +/−
2019 5,079,015 (Renaissance) 22.42
1 / 79
Decrease 1


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