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Aglaophotis is an herb mentioned occasionally in works on occultism. References to Aglaophotis and to Olieribos (both of which are said to be magical herbs) are made in the Simon Necronomicon.

Historic uses[edit]

The Greek doctor Dioscorides named Aglaophotis as a member of the peony family, Paeoniaceae. It has been speculated that the species paeonia officinalis, or the European peony, is the source of Aglaophotis, but there is little evidence for this theory to be proved.

According to Dioscorides, peony is used for warding off demons, witchcraft, and fever. This is at odds with the presentation in the Necronomicon, in which it is used to call upon dark forces.

References in popular media[edit]

References to Aglaophotis are present in the video games Silent Hill and Silent Hill 3. In the former, the substance appears as a red liquid used for exorcism, while in the latter, where it serves a similar purpose, it appears in the form of a red capsule.

Aglaophotis is also referenced in the video game Amnesia: The Dark Descent, where a potion recipe which demands Aglaophotis as an ingredient is mentioned.