Agnes Island

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Agnes Island
Location Northern Australia
Coordinates 18°21′18″S 146°19′41″E / 18.355°S 146.328°E / -18.355; 146.328
State Queensland

Agnes Island is a very small island a few hundred metres east of Hinchinbrook Island. At low tide, it can be accessed from nearby Banksia Bay. It's 13 hectares or 0.13 square km in size.[1]

To the west of Agnes Island is an open, 3 km wide, north facing bay. It contains four beaches, all bordered by prominent headlands and backed by steeply rising, densely vegetated slopes, with the 1000 m high peak called The Thumb just 2 km to the west of the main beach. There is no development and no vehicle access to any of the beaches.[2]

Beach 816 lies immediately in lee of Agnes Island and at low tide connects the island to the mainland. The beach faces essentially north-east and is predominantly sandy, with numerous rocks outcropping along and off the 50 m wide main beach, while in the southern corner a boulder beach dominates and links the island at low tide.