Agnes J. Quirk

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Agnes J. Quirk
Agnes J. Quirk.jpg
Quirk in 1932
Born 1884
Died 1974
Occupation bacteriologist, plant pathologist, inventor

Agnes J. Quirk (fl. 1920s) was an American bacteriologist, plant pathologist, and inventor.[1] She oversaw the culturing of bacteria in the Laboratory of Plant Pathology at the United States Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Plant Industry.[2] She received a patent[3] for the production of penicillin mold and jelly in 1952.[4]

Life and career[edit]

Hired by Erwin Frink Smith, pathologist-in-charge of the Laboratory of Plant Pathology, USDA's Bureau of Plant Industry, Quirk became Smith's assistant in 1901.[5][6] Quirk's research focused on the crown gall oxidation phenomena and culture mediums used in pathogenic analyses, working alongside Nellie A. Brown[5]. Her original job titles at the Laboratory consisted of "laboratory aid" and "scientific assistant".[7]

Selected publications[edit]

  • Quirk AJ (1923). Hydrogen-ion concentration vs. titratable acidity in culture mediums.[7]
  • Quirk AJ, Fawcett, EH (1926). A Begonia Immune to Crowngall: With Observations on other Immune or Semi-Immune Plants[8]
  • Quirk AJ (1931). Pure Smooth and Rough Colony Types at Will: Science Vol. 74 Friday, November 6, 1931, No. 1923
  • Brown, NA, Quirk AJ (1929). Influence of bacteriophage on Bacterium tumefaciens, and some ...
  • Quirk AJ (1934). The Correlation of Animal and Plant Bacterial Behavior and Imposed Culture Aledium Environment. Journal of Bacteriology 1934 (J. Bacteriol. 1934, 27(1):22.)[7]


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