Agnes of Beaujeu

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Agnes of Beaujeu
Spouse(s) Theobald I of Navarre
Father Guichard IV of Beaujeu
Mother Sybille of Flanders
Died 1231

Agnes of Beaujeu (Agnès de Beaujeu; ? – 11 July 1231) was a French noblewoman, the daughter of Guichard IV of Beaujeu and his wife Sybille of Flanders.[1] Agnes was Countess of Champagne by her marriage to Theobald I of Navarre.[2]

Agnes married in 1221 to Theobald.[3] For Theobald, this was his second marriage, after he divorced his first wife Gertrude of Dagsburg the same year. Theobald was in need of children, since Gertrude was unable to provide him with any. Agnes and Theobald had issue - at least one daughter, Blanche.[4] and one son, Enrique I de Navarra (Henry I of Navarre) who died July 22, 1274.

Agnes died 1231.[5] If she had lived for another three years, Agnes would have become Queen of Navarre.



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