2012 Agni Air Dornier 228 crash

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2012 Agni Air Dornier 228 crash
Agni Air aircraft.JPG
The aircraft involved in the accident,
pictured two months earlier at Lukla Airport
Date 14 May 2012
Summary Controlled flight into terrain
Site Jomsom, Nepal
28°46′52″N 83°43′18″E / 28.78111°N 83.72167°E / 28.78111; 83.72167Coordinates: 28°46′52″N 83°43′18″E / 28.78111°N 83.72167°E / 28.78111; 83.72167
Aircraft type Dornier Do 228-200
Operator Agni Air
Registration 9N-AIG[1]
Flight origin Pokhara Airport, Pokhara, Kaski, Nepal
Destination Jomsom Airport, Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal
Passengers 18 (including Taruni Sachdev)
Crew 3
Fatalities 15
Injuries 6
Survivors 6

The 2012 Agni Air Dornier 228 crash was an aircraft accident involving a Dornier Do 228 operated by Nepalese airline Agni Air.[2] The Dornier crashed, after a failed go-around, near Jomsom Airport in Nepal on 14 May 2012. The crash killed 15 of the 21 passengers and crew, including both pilots one of which was Suman Dangol Maharjan(SD Maharjan).[3][4]


The aircraft involved was a Dornier Do 228 bearing the registration 9N-AIG. It was built by Dornier Flugzeugwerke in 1997 and was operated by Hornbill Skyways before being purchased by Agni Air in 2008.[5][6] Two years prior to this accident, another Do 228 operated by Agni Air was involved in the crash of Flight 101.


2012 Agni Air Dornier 228 crash is located in Nepal
2012 Agni Air Dornier 228 crash
Crash site in Nepal

The aircraft was flying from Pokhara Airport to Jomsom Airport on an unscheduled flight. There were eighteen passengers, two pilots and a flight attendant on board. At 09:30 local time (03:45 UTC), the aircraft attempted to land at Jomson, but the first attempt was aborted by the pilots. During the subsequent go-around, one of the aircraft's wings impacted a hill, causing the aircraft to crash, killing two Nepali crews and 13 Indian passengers (including Taruni Sachdev and her mother). Three other Indian passengers, one Nepali crew and all two Danish passengers survived with injuries.

Passengers and crew[edit]

Nationality Fatalities Survivors Total[7][8]
Passengers Crew Passengers Crew
   Nepal 0 2 0 1 3
 India 13 3 16
 Denmark 0 2 2

Among others, the crash claimed the lives of Indian child actress Taruni Sachdev and her mother.[9]

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