Agni Pariksha (1954 film)

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Agni Pariksha
DVD cover of Movie Agni Pariksha
Directed by Agradoot
Produced by M. P. Productions
Written by Ashapoorna Devi
Starring Uttam Kumar
Suchitra Sen
Music by Anupam Ghatak
Cinematography Bibhuti Laha
Bijoy Ghosh
Release date
Running time
120 min.
Country India
Language Bengali

Agni Pariksha (alternatively Agni Pareeksha or Agni Pariksha or Agnipariksha, Bengali: অগ্নিপরীক্ষা, English The Test Of Fire) is a 1954 Indian Bengali romantic drama film directed by Agradoot and starring Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen. The film was adapted from novel of same name.


Tapasi, a well-educated girl, goes to a hill station for a holiday and meets a rich young man, named Kiriti. They fall in love. However, Tapasi had already married Bulu, a teenage village Zamindar, although her mother could not accept the wedding and brought her back home. Tapasi's guilt stays with her. She decides to get married again, but her brother reminds her about her past. Tapasi approaches her grandmother for advice. Her grandmother reminds her about Sita's "Agni pariksha" in the Ramayana, and how Sita triumphed over every obstacle. She hopes Tapasi will also emerge victorious after going through a similar test. Tapasi is determined to face the truth and she returns to her old village. She tries to meet Bulu, but sees Kiriti in front of her. She realises that Kiriti is Bulu, her long-lost love.



Soundtrack is composed by Anupam Ghatak.[1]

Agni Pariksha
Soundtrack album by Anupam Ghatak

All lyrics written by Gouri Prasanna Majumdar; all music composed by Anupam Ghatak.

No. Title Playback Length
1. "Aaj Achhi Kal Nei" Alpana Banerjee 3:02
2. "Gane Mor Kon Indradhanu" Sandhya Mukherjee 3:07
3. "Jodi Bhul Korei" Sandhya Mukherjee 2:22
4. "Jibon Nodir Jowar Bhata" Satinath Mukherjee 3:00
5. "Ke Tumi Amare Dako" Sandhya Mukherjee 3:16
6. "Phuler Kane Bhramar" Sandhya Mukherjee 2:23


The film was remade in Telugu and Tamil as Mangalya Balam and Manjal Mahimai. The film was remade in Hindi as Chhoti Si Mulaqat with Uttam Kumar reprising his role.[2]


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