Agona Nkwanta

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Agona Nkwanta is a town in Ghana. It is the capital of Ahanta West district. Agona, also known as Agona Junction or just Agona, is 7km inland and en route between Takoradi and Tarkwa, with a branch road off to Dixcove (and Achowa, Akwidaa) and Busua. The only Senior High school in Agona is Baidoo Bonsoe Senior High Technical School. Agona is one of the fasted growing towns in the Western Region according to studies[citation needed].

Language spoken is Ahanta with many non-Ahanta speakers talking Fante or a mixture or the two, known locally as Fant-Ahanta.

Coordinates: 4°53′18″N 1°57′57″W / 4.8883°N 1.9658°W / 4.8883; -1.9658