Agora University

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Agora University
Type Private/Accredited
Established 2000/2012
Rector Ioan Dzițac
Academic staff
Students 812
Undergraduates 708
Postgraduates 104
Location Oradea, Romania
47°02′55″N 21°57′06″E / 47.048562°N 21.951542°E / 47.048562; 21.951542Coordinates: 47°02′55″N 21°57′06″E / 47.048562°N 21.951542°E / 47.048562; 21.951542
Campus Urban

Short History[edit]

On 10 January 2000, in Oradea was founded the Agora Foundation as a non profit, non governmental, non-political, independent organization, having a humanitarian and non-patrimonial purpose and it was enrolled into the Register of associations and foundations as a private juridical entity. Through the Decision taken by the General Committee of the Founding Members, on 17 March 2000, inside the Foundation was developed a private university and also the calendar of the activities that should have been followed, in order to get the authorization for the institution, and for the first programs of study.

By the Decision of the Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (Romania), taken on 20 December 2010, the Agora University was accredited with the qualifier “trust“, and the proposal was transmitted to the Romanian Ministry of National Education (Romania). The proposal was transmitted to the Parliament of Romania. After the approval of the two Chambers of the Romanian Parliament and of the Romanian president, on 3 April 2012 it was published in Romanian Official Gazette no. 222, 1st part, the Act 59/2012 regarding the establishment of Agora University of Oradea.


  • Rector of Agora University: Misu-Jan Manolescu (2000-2012);
  • Dean of the Faculty of Law and Economics: Adriana Manolescu (2000-2010).

University Staff (2012-2016):

  • President of Administration Council: Misu-Jan Manolescu;
  • President of Senate: Adriana Manolescu;
  • Rector of Agora University: Ioan Dzitac;
  • Dean of the Faculty of Law and Economics: Gabriela Bologa;
  • Director of Social Sciences Department: Elena-Ana Iancu.

Faculty of Law and Economics[edit]

The Bachelor's specializations (Bologna System - Cycle 1) of this faculty are:

  • Law(4 years);
  • Management(3 years);
  • Accountability and Management Information Systems(3 years),
  • Public Administration/Local Police (3 years).

The Master's specialization (Bologna System - Cycle 2) of this faculty is:

  • Management of Human Resources (2 years)

The Postgraduate's specializations of this faculty are:

  • Penal and Criminal Sciences (1 semester)
  • Institutions of Work Law (1 semester)
  • Institutions of Private Law (1 semester)
  • Management of Human Resources (1 semester)
  • Financial and Accounting Audit (1 semester)
  • Public Administration/Local Police (3 years)

Publishing House[edit]

CCC Publications, powered by Agora University Publishing House, currently publishes IJCCC and its scope is to publish scientific literature (journals, books, monographs and conference proceedings) in the area: Computing, Communications, Control.

International Relations[edit]

The staff is involved in international cooperation with foreign institutions, having good relationship and agreements with universities from Italy, U.S.A., France, Lithuania, Hungary.

Agora University together with The Institute of Political Studies San Pio V of Rome, Italy opened the first series of courses for the Italian residents in Romania in 2001. The program was financed by the Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Assistance.

The San Pio V University of Rome, Italy, The University of Malta and Agora University opened in 2003 The Master studies on Economical and Cultural Cooperation: "The Human Rights in The Mediterranean Region, The Ways of a Lasting Development".


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