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Agra grace.jpg
Agra grace
Scientific classification

Fabricius, 1801

Agra is a genus of beetles in the family Carabidae, the ground beetles. There are over 500 described species, but there are well over 1000 specimens in collections that have not yet been described.[1] The common name elegant canopy beetles has been used for genus Agra.[1]

Beetles of this genus have narrow heads and long, constricted necks. The tarsomeres, or the "feet" of the beetle, are wide and equipped with pads, allowing the beetle to grip leaves as it moves about and rests on plants. Females have "telescopic" reproductive organs, which they use to deposit eggs deep in the substrate.[1]

Adults of some species are probably predators of other arthropods. Some have also been seen drinking sap and eating pollen. Adult beetles are nocturnal and attracted to lights. They rest on the undersides of leaves with their bodies aligned along the midrib, legs and antennae tucked in. The larvae develop in burrows and under tree bark, and are likely predatory.[1]

Adult beetles have anti-predator secretions that are offensive to predators; they have been noted to repel bats.[1]

Species include:[2]


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