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Students of AGCHS (Boys' Section) during Wikipedia School Program in 2015

Agrabad Government Colony High School, is a high school located in south Agrabad, Chittagong, Bangladesh.[1] It was established in 1960 by the Chittagong Government Service (C.G.S) Colony. Though it was established for secondary education, it is now a through school, from kindergarten to SSC. The present headmaster is Shofikullah. Its official ID number is 0203021302.[2] The school is one of several in the area that are susceptible to flooding.[3]


This is an old school of port city Chittagong. People of the region Agrabad were searching for a good educational institution for the children of the government service officers and other people of this locality. Eventually, on 3 January 1956, the Agrabad Government Colony Association took a decision to establish a school in this region. And they started a primary school but they did not have a permanent school building. Classes were taken at P.W.D Godown building. Sometimes the classes were taken at a quarter of the colony.

The school started as Junior High School in 1960. Later the P.W.D go-down was used as the main school building. In 1965-66 H. Akbar Ali helped to build the main premise by giving money for the school. He bore most of the expenses for the school building. To give him respect the name of the school auditorium was named after him as 'H. Akbar Ali Hall'. Due to excessive students in school the auditorium is now used as a classroom. Haji Osman Goni helped by giving money for the school library.

This school was taken under Comilla Board on 1 April 1963 when the number of students of the school were only 79. The first batch of SSC students were enrolled in 1964.


The school is divided into three sections. These are the kindergarten section, the boys section and girls section. In kindergarten section, they teach students from play to class five, both boys and girls. For secondary students there are two school buildings for boys and girls where they study from class six to SSC. About 80 teachers are working for these three sections and the number of students are about 5000 which is the biggest number in Chittagong District.


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