Agreement between the Allied and Associated Powers with Regard to the Contribution to the Cost of Liberation of the Territories of the Former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

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An agreement signed between the Allied Powers of the First World War on September 10, 1919. The agreement was registered in the League of Nations Treaty Series on October 21, 1920.[1]

The agreement was concerned with states which either were established or gained new territories following the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire - Romania, Poland, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.

Article 1 of the agreement stipulated for the payment by the above governments of 1.5 billion Gold Francs as the cost for gaining these new territories. Article 2 laid the rules for distribution of the payments between the said above governments. Articles 3-5 stipulated the sums will be deducted from the war reparations these governments were to receive from the Austrian government.

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