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The Agri are a Hindu caste found in the state of Maharashtra in India.[1]


The origin of Agri Samaj is farming. This is a community of hardworking people and the farmers who love the nature. All men and women work together for their homes, field,s and salt production. Along with togetherness we can see equality between Men and Women of Agri Samaj. There also does not prevail the Dowry system since ages.

Agri Samaj and their descendents residing all over Thane district, Raigad, Mumbai and especially in Maharashtra are compassionate, hard working and very resourceful people. Agri Samaj are involved in various Agricultural and sea related Businesses. Agri people haven't forgotten their culture and rich heritage, whereas other communities are changing with time and left there culture.

The name Agri comes from Agar, a Salt-pan or bounded farm. The Agri of Maharashtra are also known as Agle and Kharpatil The tradition common among them is that they originally dwelt at Mungi Paithan and were transported to the Konkan by Bimbaraja. Two son's Agla and Mangla, were born to the sage Agasti; the former the ancestor of the Agris, the latter of the Mangelas (Fishermen). The first was told to support himself by the manufacture of salt from the sea, the latter by fishing.

Some Surnames Chikhalekar,Mhaskar,Bhole, Bhamber, Bhoir, Bhagade, Bholekar, Chavan, Choudhari, Danki, Dasalke, Dhumala, Driyacha, Gavad, Gavil, Shivasi, Gharat, Goikane, Ghodinde, Gondhali, Gunde ,Gulvi, Jadhav, Joshi, Kadu, Kalaj, Kamane, Karbhari,Karjekar,Katekar, Kari, Keni, Khambalker, Khanda-Agle, Kharik, Khuntale, Kokati, Kotval, Kutilkar, Madhovi, Mali, Mandre,Mhatre, Mohile, Mokal, More, Mukadam, Mukul, Mundhe,Naik, Navare, Pangdi, Patil, Raut, Sare, Sasai, Shelar, Shirke, Sigola,Tandel, Thakur, Telge, Vaghoda, Vaskar, Vaze, Yadav.

Present circumstances[edit]

The Agri are divided into a number of clans, and the community practice clan exogenous. They are mainly a community of cultivators, with many now being landless agricultural labourers. The Agri are Hindu and their tribal deity is Mari aai Mata. They also attend the various festivals and fairs.

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