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Agricultural Development Denmark Asia (ADDA) is a non-governmental organization providing development assistance for poor countries with emphasis to rural education in Southeast Asia. Established in 1994 and based in Denmark, the organization is sponsored by DANIDA (a special department of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs), advisory and teaching institutions, private companies and individual citizens.

ADDA ensures help in agricultural consultancy, education, research, practical farming, language education, administration and management. It has a permanent office in Hanoi, helping Vietnam and Cambodia in resolving problems of needy agricultural regions. The budget for Vietnam programs was 267,500 USD in the year of 2005.


  • work for increased degree of self supply for the poorest parts of the population in Southeast Asia,
  • supply support that will lead to people being able to take care of their own situation,
  • implement agricultural and food supply projects in Southeast Asia.


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