Aguni Island

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Aguni Island
Native name: 粟国島(Agunijima)
Aguni Island
Location Pacific Ocean
Coordinates 26°34′51″N 127°14′07″E / 26.58077°N 127.23532°E / 26.58077; 127.23532Coordinates: 26°34′51″N 127°14′07″E / 26.58077°N 127.23532°E / 26.58077; 127.23532
Archipelago Aguni Islands
Prefecture Okinawa Prefecture

Aguni Island (粟国島 Agunijima?) is an island in Japan, which is part of the Okinawa Islands and administratively in the Okinawa Prefecture. It is located 60km Northwest from Naha on Okinawa Island in East China Sea.[1] It has an area of 7.64 km².[2][3][4] It has one bar, one cop, no restaurants, no convenience stores and no taxis or buses. Besides the hotel, there are about 10 minshuku (guest houses) catering to the scuba divers who comprise the majority of visitors. The island manages commercial fishery, and its fishermen are usually also farmers. There is a port and an airstrip through which visitors can visit the island on a ferry or airplane. [1]


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