Agostino Trivulzio

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Agostino Trivulzio
Agostino Trivulzio.jpg
Agostino Trivulzio
Created Cardinal 1517
Personal details
Born c. 1485
Died 1548 (aged 62–63)

Agostino Trivulzio[1] (c. 1485–1548) was an Italian Cardinal and papal legate. He was from a noble family in Milan.

After the 1527 sack of Rome, he was taken hostage by the Imperial forces.[2] He was subsequently a major pro-French figure in papal diplomacy.

He was created Cardinal in 1517. He was Archbishop of Reggio Calabria in 1520, Bishop of Alessano in 1521, Bishop of Bobbio in 1522, Bishop of Toulon in 1524, Bishop of Le Puy in 1525, Bishop of Avranches in 1526, Bishop of Asti in 1528, Bishop of Bayeux in 1531, Bishop of Brugnato in 1539, and Bishop of Périgueux in 1541.[3]


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