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Agustina Cherri (Spanish pronunciation: [aɣusˈtina ˈtʃeri]; born February 15, 1983) is an Argentine actress, dancer and model. She is perhaps best known for her participation as Milagros in Chiquititas (Little Girls), a popular children's telenovela.


Cherri grew up as a fan of Flavia Palmiero, a famous children's show host during Cherri's childhood. She had been taking dancing classes, and she felt that someday she would become a great dancer.

In 1990, Cherri heard that there was an audition for children dancers at Palmiero's Telefe television show, La Ola Esta de Fiesta (The Wave has a Party). Cherri asked her mother to take her to the audition, and she was chosen for the show, making it her first show business experience.

Cherri's first taste of fame came after she played Camila in 1991's Grande Pa!! (Great Dad!), a show that made her popular among Argentine pre-teens. At the same time, she participated in a variation of La Ola Esta de Fiesta, Flavia Esta de Fiesta (Flavia has a Party).

In 1993, she played Paola in Regalo del Cielo (Present from Heaven), which was not a major hit and has been a rather forgotten program by the general public.

Her fame continued growing after her first stint at Chiquititas as Mili and, in 1998, she participated in Verano del '98 (Summer of '98), a teen -orientedsoap opera that was equally famous in Argentina. She played the role of Violeta, which was replayed by the Argentine television network in 2005.

In 1999, Cherri was given her first opportunity to star in a show, playing Lucia Escobar, the leading female character in Cabecita (Small Head).

Two important events happened in Cherri's career during 2001: She was recalled to play Mili once again in Chiquititas, and she made her feature film debut, in a movie named Rodrigo, la Pelicula (Rodrigo, the Movie).

Cherri participated as Gisela Vargas in Canal 13's Mil Millones (A Thousand Million), made in 2002, and as Anita in 2003's Son amores (It's Just Love). That same year, she modeled for a calendar published by Caras magazine.

During 2004, Cherri played Shamira in another major Canal 13 hit, Los Pensionados (loosely translated to The Pension Receivers), and as Angela Capello in Hombres de Honor (Men of Honor).

In 2007 she's starring in the soap Mujeres de Nadie (Women of Nobody). The role was originally for Marcela Klobooster, who also starred in Chiquititas, but she couldn't accept it. Mujeres de Nadie is doing well on its afternoon slot at Canal 13.


Personal life[edit]

From 2007 to 2014, Cherri was in a relationship with fellow Argentine actor Gastón Pauls [2][permanent dead link] [3], with whom she had two children, daughter Muna (2009) and son Nilo (2011). She is a vegetarian.[1]



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