Ah W Noss

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Ah W Noss
آه ونص
Studio album by Nancy Ajram
Released April 12, 2004 (2004-04-012)
Recorded 2003-2004
Length 53:13
Label Relax-In/Megastar
Nancy Ajram chronology
Ya Salam
(2003)Ya SalamString Module Error: Match not found
Ah W Noss
Ya Tabtab...Wa Dallaa
(2006)Ya Tabtab...Wa DallaaString Module Error: Match not found
Singles from Ah W Noss
  1. "Ah W Noss"
    Released: 2004
  2. "Lawn Ouyounak"
    Released: 2004
  3. "Oul Tani Keda [Coke Single]"
    Released: 2005
  4. "Inta Eyh"
    Released: 2005

Ah W Noss (Arabic: آه ونص‎‎) is the fourth studio album by Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram. It was released in 2004 by Megastar and Relax-In Records. This was the follow-up project to 2003's Ya Salam. In 2003, the album launched Nancy Ajram to the heights of Arab music, thanks to a string of hit singles which have become part of pop culture today. The Arabian-flavoured album received commercial success in certain territories.

The lead single, Ah W Noss, went on to achieve massive airplay and video time on the major music channels, commanding the top spot for several weeks. The album was a big hit, on the strength of the lead single. Summer 2004 saw Nancy launch a major world tour on the strength of her new single. In late 2004, Ajram became the Middle Eastern face of Coca-Cola, which opened a whole new promotional phase for the young starlet.

Track listing[edit]

Standard edition (physical version)

No. Title Lyrics Music Producer Length
1. "Ah W Noss" (آه ونص - Yes and a Half) Aiman Bahgat Amar Tarek Madkour Tarek Madkour 4:40
2. "Badallaa Aleyk" (بدلع عليك - Flirting With You) Ahmed Shata Mahmoud Khiami Jean-Marie Riachi 4:36
3. "Lawn Ouyounak" (لون عيونك - The Color of Your Eyes) Samir Nakhle Tarek Abou Jaoude Tony Saba 3:58
4. "Oul Tani Keda" (قول تاني كدة - Say That Again?) Sultan Salah Mohammed Saad Tarek Madkour 4:07
5. "Taala Ya" (تعالى يا - Come Here) Ahmed Shata Khaled Janid Adel Ayash 4:48
6. "Sana Wara Sana" (سنة ورا سنة - Year After Year) Mahmoud Saad Fadi Saad Tony Saba 4:38
7. "Inta Eyh" (إنت إيه - What Are You?) Mustafa Moursi Samir Sfeir Tarek Madkour 5:05
8. "Gayinn You'Ouluoli" (جايين يقولولي - They Came To Tell Me) Mustafa Moursi Samir Sfeir Tarek Aakef 5:24
9. "Ana Leyh" (أنا ليه - Why Do I) Ikram El Assi Mohammed Rahim Mohammed Mustafa 5:29
10. "Hobbak Liya" (حبك ليا - Your Love is Mine) Mustafa Moursi Walid Saad Midhat Khamis 5:17
11. "La Teloum" (لا تلوم - Don't Blame) Sheikh Sabah Nasser Al Sabah Samir Sfeir Tarek Aakef 5:09


  1. Ah W Noss: No. 1 – Egypt and No. 1 – Lebanon
  2. Loun Ouyounak: No. 1 – Egypt and No. 1 – Lebanon
  3. Oul Tani Keda: No. 1 – Egypt and No.1 – Lebanon
  4. Inta Eyh: No. 1 – Egypt and No.1 – Lebanon

Hit track list[edit]

Track Release Order Music Video (director, year) Performed Live? The Model Chart Peaks
Ah w Noss 1st Nadine Labaki, 2004 TV & Concert Rabih El Masri 1
Baddallaa Aleyk Concert & SMF
Lawn Ouyounak 2nd Nadine Labaki, 2004 TV & Concert Saleh Abdel Nabi 1
Oul Tani Keda 3rd Luca Tommassini, 2005 TV & Concert Marcillo 1
Taala Ya TV & Concert
Sana Wara Sana Concert & SMF
Inta Eyh 4th Nadine Labaki, 2005 TV & Concert Samer Elias 1
Gayinn You'oulouli SMF
Ana Leyh SMF
Hobbak Liya TV & Concert
La Teloum TV & Concert

("SMF" refers to the TV show after the album's release where Nancy sang all of the songs of the album – "Sahra Maa' Fannan", Future TV.)


Chart (2004) Peak
Lebanon Virgin Megastores [2] 1
Egypt Virgin Megastores [3] 1
Qatar Virgin Megastores [4] 1
UAE Virgin Megastores [5] 1
Jordan Virgin Megastores [6] 1
Bahrain Virgin Megastores [7] 1
Algeria Virgin Megastores [8] 1
Tunisia Virgin Megastores [9] 1
Morocco Virgin Megastores [10] 1
HiTMARKER Albums Chart [11] 1


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