Aha b. Jacob

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For the Fourth generation Amora sage of the Land of Israel, see: Rabbi Aha. For the sixth and seventh generation Amora sage of Babylon, see: Aha b. Raba. For the Savora sage, see: Ahai.

R. Aha b. Jacob (or R. Aha b. Ya'akov; Hebrew: רבי אחא בר יעקב‎, read as Rabbi Aha Bar Ya'akov) Was a Jewish Amora sage of Babylon, of the third and fourth generation of the Amora era. He was one of the disciples of Rav Huna.[1] He was also one of the prominent Jewish leaders of Papunia.[2] In the Talmud it is storied that he was a man of great piety and a great scholar.[3]


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