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Aham film.jpg
Aham DVD cover
Directed by Rajeevnath
Produced by Rajeevnath
Written by Rajeevnath (story)
Clinto Alotious (dialogues)
Starring Mohanlal
Ramya Krishna
Music by Raveendran
Cinematography Santhosh Sivan
Edited by Ravi
Sreesankara Arts
Release dates
  • 1992 (1992)
Country India
Language Malayalam
Budget Rs.46 Lakhs

Aham is 1992 Malayalam film directed by Rajeevnath, starring Mohanlal, Urvasi and Ramya Krishna in the lead roles.


Aham is the story of Sidharthan (Mohanlal), who grew up in a disciplined and strict environment and tries to lead his family life along similar lines. But his wife (Urvasi) is not able to adjust with his crazy lifestyle. She wants to become self-reliant but this creates suspicion in Siddharthan's mind. In a resulting argument and physical struggle, she gets pushed from the balcony and goes into a coma. This makes Siddharthan lose his mental balance. Later he ends up in a mental asylum and leads a spiritual life there. At the end Siddharthan commits suicide.


Aham tells how a man’s pathetic childhood and claustrophobic life situations affect him badly in his life and how it results in the mental imbalance of the same person. The strict life with a weird dressing style and excessive care in each and every aspect of his life are Siddharthan’s futile attempts to reshape a life he lost in his early childhood. It can be assumed that the symptoms for the developments to a mental patient were in the works for him from his earlier childhood, but reached their climax only after the marriage. However his transformation from a man who lost control of his mind to a sanyasin (even though he is not fully recovered from his mental illness) with a somewhat normal life is not dealt with convincingly in the movie. The length of the movie with less planning for the scenes affected the factor of appreciation of the movie.[citation needed]


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