Ahead of My Time

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Ahead of My Time
Lil flip-ahead of my time.jpg
Studio album by Lil' Flip
Released July 6, 2010
Recorded 2007-2010
Genre Hip hop, Southern hip hop
Length 78:50.03
Label Clover G
Lil' Flip chronology
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The Black Dr. Kevorian
Singles from Ahead of My Time
  1. "Heartbreaker"
    Released: December 1, 2009

The Black Dr. Kevorian2013

Ahead of My Time is the fourth independent album (seventh overall) by rapper Lil' Flip, released on July 6, 2010.[1] The first single from the album is "Heartbreaker", which features Eeden & Sean Thomas.[2] A video was released for "50 in My Pinkyrang" on July 17, 2010.[3] Another video was released for "Heartbreaker" on August 6, 2010.[4]


Ahead of My Time was originally set to be released as early as 2007, but was pushed back many times and was finally released on July 6, 2010. Lil' Flip released two "album-before-the-album's" in 2009 to help promote the release of Ahead of My Time. The two albums were: Respect Me[5] and Underground Legend 2.[6] Despite the extra promotion the album sold only 205 copies the first week it was available.[7]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Long Live da King" Dwayne Gilbert 4:44
2. "48 Laws of Power" (featuring David Crayton) Oscar White 4:00
3. "Flyboy Status" Sean Thomas Thornton 3:49
4. "U R the 1" (featuring Big Hollis) Big Hollis 3:56
5. "H-Town State of Mind" Dwayne Gilbert 4:33
6. "Shawty Wanna Roll" (featuring Jay Townsend) J Silva 4:53
7. "The Flip Gate$ Story" Sean Thomas Thornton 3:46
8. "I'm Fresh" J Silva 2:14
9. "Krazy" (featuring Poosty Lee & Bionik) Sandy Wiley 3:35
10. "Heartbreaker" (featuring Sean Thomas & Eden) Peter Johan Frutiger 3:26
11. "U Don't Know Me Like Dat" (featuring Jay Townsend) Bass Heavy 4:11
12. "50 in My Pinkyrang" (featuring Chamillionaire & Gudda Gudda) Essay Potna 4:24
13. "I Like...." Sean Thomas Thornton 2:47
14. "Da Trill Is Back!!!" Kino 4:35
15. "Keep Dem Hataz Away" (featuring A-Dub) A-Dub 2:32
16. "U See It, Pt. 2" Dwayne Gilbert 4:00
17. "Not 4 Sale" (featuring David Crayton) Kino 4:00
18. "She Like My Swagger" (featuring Bobby Moon) JStarz 3:59
19. "My Family Tree" J Silva & P Silva 3:34
20. "I Just Wanna" JStarz 5:52