Aheloy Nunatak

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Aheloy Nunatak
Aheloy Nunatak.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 390 m (1,280 ft)
Coordinates 62°38′23.3″S 60°07′53.5″W / 62.639806°S 60.131528°W / -62.639806; -60.131528Coordinates: 62°38′23.3″S 60°07′53.5″W / 62.639806°S 60.131528°W / -62.639806; -60.131528
Pronunciation [axɛˈlɔjski ˈnunatak]
Location Antarctica
Location of Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands.
Topographic map of Livingston Island, Greenwich, Robert, Snow and Smith Islands.

Aheloy Nunatak (Ахелойски Нунатак, Aheloyski Nunatak, [axɛˈlɔjski ˈnunatak]) is a rocky 390m peak in the upper Huron Glacier in Livingston Island. The peak forms the northeast extremity of a minor ridge which also features Erma Knoll and Lozen Nunatak, and is linked to Zograf Peak by Lozen Saddle. The peak was first visited on 31 December 2004 by the Bulgarian Lyubomir Ivanov from Camp Academia, and was mapped in the Bulgarian Tangra 2004/05 topographic survey. The peak was named after the Black Sea town of Aheloy, Bulgaria.


The peak is located at 62°38′23.3″S 60°07′53.5″W / 62.639806°S 60.131528°W / -62.639806; -60.131528 which is 1.6 km east-southeast of Kuzman Knoll, 2.48 km south by east of Maritsa Peak, 1.6 km north-northeast of Zograf Peak and 270 m north-northeast of Erma Knoll.

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