Ahir Bhairav (film)

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Ahir Bhairav
(Songs of the Dawn)
Ahir bhairav.jpg
Film poster of Ahir Bhairav
Directed by Siva Prasad Thakur
Produced by Dr Ranen Sarma
Written by Pankaj Thakur
Starring Kapil Bora
Zerifa Wahid
Purabi Sarma
Bidyut Chakravarty
Mridula Barua
Music by Hemanta Goswami
Rajeswar Bordoloi (Bulu)
Cinematography Nirmal Deka (Tito)
Edited by Kaju
Rondeep Productions (UK) Ltd
Release date
Running time
104 minutes
Country India
Language Assamese
Budget 1 crore

Ahir Bhairav (Assamese: অহিৰ ভৈৰৱ, English: Songs of the Dawn)is an Assamese language film directed by Siva Prasad Thakur and produced by Dr Ronen Sarma, under the banner of Rondeep Productions (UK) Ltd. This is the first ever Assamese movie crossing the budget of Rs 1 crore and entirely shot in the UK.[1] It has been chosen by the British Film Institute, London, to be preserved in its archive.[2]


The story revolves around a PIO Indian woman suffering from schizophrenia and its impact on those close to her.[3]


  • Kapil Bora
  • Zerifa Wahid
  • Purabi Sarma
  • Bidyut Chakravarty
  • Mridula Barua
  • Madhurima Chowdhury (Guest appearance)
  • Ellora Barua (Guest appearance)
  • Gita Lahkar (Guest appearance)
  • Munmi Chakravarty (Guest appearance)
  • Kirip Chaliha (Guest appearance)
  • Abani Bora (Guest appearance)
  • Siva Prasad Thakur (Guest appearance)
  • Alex Knight ( Guest appearance)

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