Ahisamakh, Israel

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Ahisamakh is located in Israel
Coordinates: 31°56′5.63″N 34°54′26.27″E / 31.9348972°N 34.9072972°E / 31.9348972; 34.9072972Coordinates: 31°56′5.63″N 34°54′26.27″E / 31.9348972°N 34.9072972°E / 31.9348972; 34.9072972
Council Hevel Modi'in
Region Shephelah
Affiliation Moshavim Movement
Founded 1950
Founded by Libyan Jewish refugees
Population (2016)[1] 1,376

Ahisamakh (Hebrew: אֲחִיסָמָךְ‎, lit. Brother of Support) is a moshav in central Israel. Located in the Shephelah, it falls under the jurisdiction of Hevel Modi'in Regional Council. In 2016 it had a population of 1,376.[1]

The village was established in 1950 by refugees from Msallata in Libya.[2] It is named after the Biblical Danite Ahisamakh"[3] (Exodus 31:6)


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