Ahkal Mo' Naab' II

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Ahkal Mo' Naab' II
Ajaw of B'aakal (Palenque)
Glifo de Ahkal Mo' Naab' II.jpg
Glyph of Ahkal Mo' Naab' II at Temple of the Cross Tablet
Predecessor K'an Joy Chitam I
Successor K'an B'alam I
Born (523-09-03)3 September 523
Died 23 July 570(570-07-23) (aged 46)
Religion Maya religion

Ahkal Mo' Naab' II (3 September 523 – 23 July 570) was a ruler of the Maya city of Palenque, reigning from 4 May 565 until his death.[1]

It is possible his name means "Turtle Macaw Lake".[2]


Enthroned eighty-five days after the death of the long-reigning K'an Joy Chitam I, Ahkal Mo' Nahb himself ruled for just five years.[3]

It seems that his brother was K'an B'alam I.


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
K'an Joy Chitam I
King of Palenque
May 4, 565 – July 23, 570
Succeeded by
K'an B'alam I

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