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Akka from Ritsem.jpg
Áhkká seen from Ritsem
Highest point
Elevation 2,015 m (6,611 ft)
Prominence 1,105 m (3,625 ft)
Coordinates 67°35′N 17°29′E / 67.583°N 17.483°E / 67.583; 17.483Coordinates: 67°35′N 17°29′E / 67.583°N 17.483°E / 67.583; 17.483
Translation Old woman (Lule Sami)
Parent range Scandinavian Mountains

Áhkká (Lule Sami: "old woman"), a.k.a Akka (Finnish: "woman, not very feminine"), is a massif in the southwestern corner of Stora Sjöfallet National Park in northern Sweden.

The massif has twelve individual peaks and ten glaciers,[1] of which Stortoppen is the highest at 2,015 metres (6,611 feet). This peak is the eighth-highest in Sweden. Most notable is that the mountain has a vertical drop of 1,563 m (5,128 ft), from the top of the highest summit down to the lake Akkajaure in the valley below, which is located at 453 m (1,486 ft). This is the highest vertical drop found in Sweden. Since the lake below the mountain is regulated by a hydroelectric power station, its surface can drop down to 423 m (1,388 ft), which makes the mountain's vertical drop rise to a maximum of 1,593 m (5,226 ft). Due to the large level differences and the fact that the massif is well held together and rather isolated, it has an impressive appearance, earning it the nickname Queen of Lapland. In the Sámi tradition it is a holy mountain, and some hikers regard it with a sense of awe and mystique.


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