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Ahla is a village and Union Council of Mandi Bahauddin District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

Ahla is situated on the southern bank of Lower Jhelum canal, about 9 km from Mandi Bahauddin city. It is headquarters of union council Ahla.

It has a railway station by its name, located almost 3 km from the village. It is located at 32°36'0N 73°24'0E and has an altitude of 202 metres (666 ft).[1][2] There are many clans living in Ahla. Main clans are Gondal, Koot/Kahoot, Ranjha, Rajput, Basra, Matmal, Dadd, Sapra, Maair, Naahraa, and others.

Main Personalities of Ahla:

Chaudary Ghulam Ali Koot: Very social, sociable, loves to serve guests and the people at large, four times the chairman of Union Council, twice member District Council. Ghulam Ali Koot is the face of area. People flock to him for resolution of their disputes. He is the embodiment of traditional wisdom, folk pragmatism, and the shrewdness that comes only with profound experience, keen observation, insight, and God-gifted sharp sense into the ethos of the people. His Daaraa(Chopaal:the traditional name for place of get-together in Punjab)is always full of people of all levels,irrespective of cast, creed and affiliation, from laymen to the ministers/MPA's/MNA's and so on. He is genuinely devoted to the service of people.

Ch.Ammar Ali Koot A young and dynamic emerging politician carrying further the legacy of his father.

Ch. Muhammad Mansha Koot The most well read,highly qualified and successful person. He is the literary face of the village and area for being a very good poet and organiser of literary activities.

Ch.Muhammad afzal Gondal s/o ch.sardar khan gondal ch.iqbal gondal ch.afzal gondal

are also impart in village reputation .

The youth of Alha is very inergatic, dynamic and they paid their mostly attention towards their studies . Some representative students of Ahla :- zeeshan afzal hamad akram wajahat iqbal zuhaib shaik and many others..... Now Alha is on the way of progress.... Punjab Local Government Elections, 2015:

Ahla which is Union Council # 1 is going to elect its chairman in Local Bodies Elections going to be held on November 19. The contest mainly is between Ammar Ali s/o Ch.Ghulam Ali and Muhammad Iqbal Gondal.

ch.sikandar gondal is chiremen of uc#1


Coordinates: 32°36′0″N 73°24′0″E / 32.60000°N 73.40000°E / 32.60000; 73.40000