Ahlafors Bryggerier

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Coordinates: 57°55′30″N 12°06′00″E / 57.9251°N 12.1000°E / 57.9251; 12.1000

Ahlafors Bryggerier AB
Ahlafors bryggerie logo.png
Location Ale, Sweden
Opened 1996
Active beers
Name Type
Ahlafors Ljusa Pilsener
Ahlafors Sommar Spetz Pale lager
Ahlafors Mörka Dark lager
Ahle Ale Jubileums Bitter Bitter
Ahle Imperial gale Imperial stout
Ahle Slåtteröl Premium lager
Kungälvs Lager Premium lager
Seasonal beers
Name Type
Ahle julöl Christmas beer
Ahle påsköl Easter beer
Kungälvs julöl Christmas beer
Other beers
Name Type
Ahlafors Päroncider Pear Cider
Ahlafors Flädercider Elder Cider

Ahlafors Bryggerier is a Swedish microbrewery located in Ale, Västra Götaland county. The beers can be found in a few restaurants and be bought through the order segment at Systembolaget (Västra Götaland County only). The alcohol by volume (ABV) range from 4.5% to 6.0%.

The brewery also produces two kinds of cider: Ahlafors Päroncider (pear cider) and Ahlafors Flädercider (elder cider).

The winning beers of the Swedish homebrewing championships between 2002-2005 were awarded to make one full-scale brewing at Ahlafors facilities:

  • 2002: Simple stout (a dry stout)
  • 2003: Macka (a Scottish ale)
  • 2004: Kåtisbock (an eisbock)
  • 2005: Russki imponerande stout (an imperial stout)

Ahlafors Bryggerier offers guided tours and tastings at the brewery.

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