Ahmad Aali

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Ahmad Aali
Ahmad Aali, 2009
Born Ahmad Aali
Tabriz, Iran
Nationality Iranian (Iran)
Known for Photographer

Ahmad Aali (Persian: احمد عالی‎‎, (born 1935 in Tabriz) is an Iranian photographer and artist. On September 24, 2010, a collection of Aali's pictures taken between 1961 and 2009 went on display at the Mah-e Mehr Gallery in Tehran.[1]

Solo Exhibitions[edit]

  • 1963 Talar e Farhang
  • 1965 Talar e Iran (Ghandriz)
  • 1968 Borghes Gallery
  • 1968 Seyhoun Gallery
  • 1970 French Association
  • 1997 Barg Gallery (on the look for 40 years)
  • 2008 Aria Gallery
  • 2010 Mah-e Mehr Gallery


Interviews, critics, published articles and essays about photography

Before 1979 (before Iranian Revolution) More than 18 published materials in: Khoushe, Keyhan international, Journal de Teheran, Tehran Journal, Bamshad Magazine, Etela’at newspaper, Tamasha Magazine, Tasvir Magazine, Ayandegan Magazine, Donya-ye Jadid Magazine, Omid-e Iran Magazine.

After 1979 (after Iranian Revolution) More than 18 published materials in: Aks Magazine, Kelk Magazine, Hamshahri newspaper, Mehr Magazine, Salam newspaper, Eghtesad newspaper, Akhabr newspoaper, Rooz-e Haftom weekley magazine, Zaman Monthley magazine, visual art’s magazine, Me’yar magazine, Iran newspaper, Tandis Magazine, Etemad Magazine, Herfeh Honarmand magazine.


  • Ahmad Aali, selection of works, 1961–2009 Nazar Research an Cultural Institute 2010
  • Life and works of Ahmad Aali by Farhad Ranjbaran, 1998, Azad University of art and architecture
  • History of development of alternative Techniques of photography, Photomontage and photocollage Mehrnegar Fariborz 2001, Azad University of art and architecture
  • A brief review on the creative photography of Iran 40’s and 50’s Faeghe Shokouh Nikoui (Anita) 2003, Azad University of art and architecture


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