Ahmad Alirezabeighi

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Ahmad Alirezabeighi
Governor of East Azerbaijan
In office
Preceded by Mohammad Kazem Memarzadeh
Personal details
Born 1957
Shabestar, Iran
Alma mater University of NAJA
Religion Shia Islam

Ahmad Alirezabeighi (Persian: احمد علیرضابیگی‎‎, was born Shabestar in 1957) is an Iranian marshall and politician who currently serves as Governor of East Azerbaijan Province since 2008.[1] He is Alumni NAJA University and Commander Law Enforcement Forces of Islamic Republic of Iran in East Azerbaijan and Isfahan Province.[2] he has external relations with the governors of Erzurum,[3] Istanbul,[4] Baku[5] and China.[3]

Political offices
Preceded by
Mohammad Kazem Memarzadeh
Governor of East Azerbaijan
Succeeded by
Easmaeil Jabbarzadeh