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Ahmad Hardi (1922—2006) (Kurdish: Ehmed Herdî‎) was a prominent Kurdish poet.

He was born into an intellectual family in Sulaimaniya in Iraqi Kurdistan. He possessed a deep knowledge of classical Kurdish, Arabic and Persian poetry and has had an enduring influence on the modern Kurdish poetry. He was a leading figure in the Kurdish liberation movement.[1] After the Algiers Accord, he moved to Iran in 1975 and later to U.K. in 1993. His daughter Choman Hardi is a well known Kurdish poet,[2] and his son Asos Hardi is a prominent journalist in Iraqi Kurdistan and founder of Hawlati and Awena independent newspapers. His first collection of poems was first published in 1957 and has been re-published several times since then.


  • The Secret of Solitude, 1957


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