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Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah Of Laws (AIKOL) is the law faculty of International Islamic University Malaysia. Previously known as the Kulliyyah of Laws, it was renamed in 2000 in honour of its founding father and ex-Dean, Professor Tan Sri Datuk Ahmad Mohamed Ibrahim. Being the first Kulliyyah (faculty) to be formed together with the university, it is now one of the largest law schools in Malaysia and has produced thousands of law graduates since 1983: legal practitioners, syarie lawyers, academicians, legal advisors, deputy public prosecutors, judiciary members, and politicians. The current Dean is Professor Dr. Hunud Abia Kadouf.[1]

Due to its international status, the medium for teaching in AIKOL is English and Arabic. However, Bahasa Melayu is also taught to students to equip them with the understanding of legal jargons in the national language. It does receive a small group of foreign law students every year whilst the majority of the students are Malaysians.


There is a total of three campuses in Malaysia, which are at Gombak, Kuantan, and Petaling Jaya. The Combak Campus is the main campus, ≈ 700 acre (2.8 km²).

Courses offered[edit]

AIKOL offers a variety of courses ranging from LL.B (Hons.), LL.B-S (Hons.) for Shariah law students, MCL (Master Of Comparative Laws) and up to PhD (Doctor Of Philosophy) level. It also provides for programmes like Diploma In Shariah Law And Practice (DSLP) and Diploma in Law and Administration of Islamic Judiciary (DAIJ). Harun M. Hashim Law Centre of AIKOL offers several programmes, including LL.M Business (Executive), LL.M Banking (Executive), LL.M in Administration of Islamic Law and LL.M in International Law.


The Ahmad Ibrahim Memorial Lecture series is conducted annually by inviting experts and scholars to speak on diverse legal issues. The speakers previously invited to speak in the event include Tun Salleh Abas, Tun Zaki Azmi, Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad, Gordon Woodman and Andrew Harding.[citation needed]


AIKOL actively participates in various public speaking, debating, client counseling and mooting competitions, both nationally and internationally.

Irma Nur Zahrah of AIKOL became the first Asian to win the public speaking competition at the World Universities Debating Championships 2004 held at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.[2] One of AIKOL's major achievements was when it became the runner-up in the prestigious Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition 2005 held at Washington, D.C. and Melati Abdul Hamid was awarded the Best Oralist in the Championship Round.[3] Another major achievement was in 2008, where the IIUM mooting team represented Malaysia and managed to garner a clean sweep of the awards in the Inaugural Monroe E. Price Media Law Moot Court Competition held at University of Oxford. The IIUM team was crowned the inaugural champion, merited the Best Memorial Award and Best Oralist of the said competition.[4]

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