Ahmad Matin-Daftari

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Ahmad Matin-Daftari
Ahmad Matin-Daftari.jpg
40th Prime Minister of Iran
In office
26 October 1939 – 26 June 1940
Monarch Reza Shah
Preceded by Mahmoud Jam
Succeeded by Ali Mansur
Senator from Tehran
In office
August 1951 – 25 June 1971
Member of the Parliament of Iran
In office
August 1949 – August 1951
Constituency Meshkin Shahr
Personal details
Born 1896
Tehran, Iran
Died 26 June 1971(1971-06-26) (aged 75)
Tehran, Iran
Political party Monarchist Party
Religion Islam

Ahmad Matin-Daftari, also known as Mo'in al-Dowleh, (1896 – 26 June 1971) was a Prime Minister of Iran.

Born in Tehran to Mirza Mahmud-khan Ain ul-Mamalek he studied in Tehran's German School, and received his PhD in France.

He served as Senator in Iran's Majlis and became Prime Minister in 1939 with the fall of Mahmoud Jam's administration. During his administration the first National census was implemented in Iran and Iran's first National Radio transmitter was inaugurated.

He was thrown in prison after the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran by the Allies in 1941 because of his German connections.[1]

He was Mohammad Mosaddegh's nephew and son-in-law.[2]

Matin-Daftari died in Tehran at the age of 76.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Mahmoud Jam
Prime Minister of Iran
Succeeded by
Ali Mansur