Ahmad Mirza Azd es-Saltaneh

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Ahmad Mirza Azd es-Saltaneh
Shir & Khorshid1.svg prince of Persia
FatherNasser al-Din Shah
MotherTuran as-saltane
ReligionShia Islam

Prince Ahmad Mirza Azd es-Saltaneh (1891-1939), was the last son of Nasser al-Din Shah and princess Turan es-Saltaneh and full brother of Zahra Khanom Tadj es-Saltaneh. He studied Military at Theresianum in Austria, with his brother Yamin ed-Dowleh. During Azd es-Saltaneh and Yamin ed-Dowleh stay in Austria, Franz Joseph I generously received the brothers of Shah and several times invited them to his palace. In 1913, when Mohammad Hassan Mirza lived in Tabriz, Prince Azd es-Saltaneh was the Military commander of Azerbaijan. Ahmad Mirza didn't have any children. He died in 1939 and buried in Qom.


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