Ahmed Abdullah Masdoosi

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Ahmed Abdullah Al Masdoosi
Ahmed Abdullah Al Masdoosi.jpg
Ahmed Abdullah Al Masdoosi
Born Ahmad Abdullāh al- Masdūsī
Mahboobnagar, India
Died 1968 (aged 62–63)
Karachi, Pakistan
Pen name Masdoosi, M A Al
Occupation Islamic Research, Chart Maker, Map Making, Law
Nationality Hyderabad till 1948, then Pakistan
Period 1940–1967
Subject Comparative Religion, Law, Humanity
Literary movement Bahadur Yar Jung Academy, Anjuman Khuddam Millat

Ahmad Abdullāh al- Masdūsī (Arabic: احمد عبدالله المسدوسى ‎‎) was a Pakistani activist and lawyer. He was very active in social welfare, and community improvement activities.

He joined Malis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen in 1938. With the beginning of political career he gave up his legal and moved to Hyderabad. His villa was near the Mouzam Jahi Market. He was actively involved in the legal proceedings of taking the Hyderabad case to Indian Union. He migrated to Karachi, in Pakistan after the Hyderabad state was annexed into Indian Union. He authored several books including Living Religions of the World, a Socio-Political Study (1962)[1] and served as Professor of Law at Karachi University.


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