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Photo dates around 1872

Ahmed Arifi Pasha (1819 or 1830–1895/96) was a Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire in 1879. In contemporary English-language accounts he was known as Aarifi Pasha.


He was born in Constantinople in either 1819 or 1830, and his father was a diplomat named Şekip Pasha (in contemporary English Shekib Pasha). He accompanied his father on diplomatic missions to various European capitals, including Rome, Vienna, and Paris. He acquired a good knowledge of French. He served in a series of posts at home and abroad, including ambassador to Vienna and later ambassador to Paris.

On July 28, 1879, he became Grand Vizier but held the post for little more than a month.

He later held various other posts and died in 1895/96.

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Preceded by
Tunuslu Hayreddin Pasha
Chief Minister of the Ottoman Empire
Succeeded by
Küçük Mehmet Sait Pasha