Ahmed El Sakka

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Ahmed El-Sakka
Ahmed Elsaqa in Dubai - ElMaslaha Premiere.jpg
At A photo Shoot
Born Ahmed Mohamed Salah Eldin El-Sakka
(1973-03-01) March 1, 1973 (age 44)
Cairo, Egypt
Occupation Actor
Height 5 ft 7 in (1.71 m)
Spouse(s) Manal salah

Ahmed El-Sakka (Arabic: أحمد محمد صلاح الدين السقا‎‎) (born March 1, 1973) is an Egyptian Action actor. Early in his acting career he appeared in popular series like Nesf Rabeea El-Akhar. The role that introduced him to a large audience was a co-starring role with actor Mohamed Henedi in Sa'eedi fil gamaa el amrekeia (Arabic for "A Country Man in the American University") (1998). The following year he co-starred with Mohamed Henedi in Hamam fi Amsterdam, but in a larger role of the tough guy, which seemed to be his role in most of his hit movies afterwards. His next films were all action movies where he played the main character. Probably the most famous of these movies is Mafia (2002) which was a big success for El Sakka and is considered by many as one of the best action actors in the history of Egyptian movies[who?].


No. Year Movie Role Notes
1 1996 Harmonica Saif
2 1998 Saeedi Fi El Gamaa El Amrekiia Ali
3 1999 Hammam Fi Amsterdam Adriano
4 2000 Short we Fanellah we Cap Khalid Kabo
5 2001 Ayyam El Sadat Atef El Sadat Cameo
6 2001 Africano Bader
7 2002 Mafia Hussain/Tarek
8 2004 Tito Tito
9 2005 Harb Italia Yassin Tag Yassin
10 2006 An El Eshq Wel Hawa Omar
11 2007 Taymour We Shafika Taymour
12 2007 El Gezeira Mansour El Hefni
13 2009 Ibrahim Labyad Ibrahim Labyad
14 2010 El Dealer Yousef El Sheikh
15 2010 Ibn El Konsol Asam
16 2012 Al Maslaha Hamza
17 2012 Baba Dr.Hazem
18 2014 El Gezeira 2 Mansour El Hefni
19 2016 30 Years Ago Emad


  • thahab wa awda (going and coming) - 2015
  • Khotot Hamra (Red Lines) - 2012
  • Critical moments
  • Al Nawah
  • Nesf Rabeea El Akhar.
  • Man Allazi La Yoheb Fatima (Who Doesn't Love Fatima).
  • Gawaz Ala Waraa Solofan(Sahra).
  • Tarrweed El Sharessa (Taming The Shrew).
  • Zezinia
  • Rodd Kalby


  • Alabnda.
  • Afrotto.
  • Keda Okay (That's Okay).

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