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Ahmedabad Civil Hospital[1] is a public hospital located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India, with facilities for specialised diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative patient care. Civil hospital. Spread over 110 acres (45 ha) of land, it houses a number of prestigious institutes and allied hospitals, the Gujarat Medical Council and Gujarat Nursing Council. It is affiliated to B.J. Medical College in Ahmedabad. The new building and infrastructure of CHA came into existence in 1858 with the help of donations given by Shri Hutheesing, Shri Premabhai and Surgeon General D Wyllie. The hospital is one of the oldest and most modern in India, treating about 6 to 6.5 lakhs[clarification needed] outdoor patients and admitting 70,000 patients annually. It performs about 26,000 surgeries and 6500 deliveries per year. It has been ranked as 5th in list of Top 10 largest hospital published by health care globle. [2]

There has been a proposal to obtain World Bank aid for a nine-storey 2,000-bed building on the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital campus, increasing its capacity to 4,800 beds. Officials confirmed that the plan would add health care facilities along with two new medical colleges which would create another 500 seats. This hospital is very helpful to the poor due to extremely nominal charges for the services.[3][4]


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