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Ahmet Şerif İzgören, was born in Izmir in 1965. In 1983, the Military High School, graduated in 1987 from Hacettepe University Department of Linguistics. Turkish Armed Forces worked up to the rank of lieutenant. Resigned from the army in 1991. Ankara University TOMER same year he founded City Branch, and this branch has served four years as the director. During this period, Bursa's first opened cultural centers. Turkey's only magazine released translation. Sixteen of theater, music, pictures, said the club's honorary president. In 1995 he was transferred to the private sector, said general manager in two separate companies. AIESEC in 1996 as a member of the High Advisory Council were in service. England (Sunley Management Center) and Turkey time management, finance, leadership, body language, business administration and management models, sales and marketing, communications, corporate functions, decision-making techniques, stress management, motivation, creativity, leadership, benchmarking, etc.. subjects attended many seminars and received training. Later in the country and overseas training in these areas gave. Leadership, teamwork, management and communication in the field, including several universities abroad and also on the platform has more than 500 seminars. Many Turkish and foreign companies present in these areas to provide training and consulting services. İzgören to bring about change in institutions and systems to work known to form. Founder of the Academy International / İzgörenAkın Training and Consulting firm since 1996; Elma Publishing House's (Academy Plus Publishing Co.), is Chairman of the Board since 1999. With eight of business and management issues including personal development, on the two books were published. Over ten thousand of these, nine have been sold. In Turkey, an expert working in the field.


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